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There are many ways to pursue education and training after high school depending on their career goals. Some career examples involved here are bank teller, flight attendant, or emergency dispatcher dental assistant, paralegal, computer equipment repair, floral design and medical

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Facts, information and statistics on getting a career in Flight Attendant. Various schools are listed along each career so you can find the right school.

What College Classes Are Needed To Become A flight attendant
The following is by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for a Flight Attendant. Flight attendants must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement, but

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Child Care Attendant School Job Descriptions And Duties, School Attends to personal needs of handicapped children while in school to receive specialized academic physical training. Airplane flight Attendant Supervisor Job Description;

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Directory of Aviation Schools Approved training – good, but not the only way. When it comes to training for careers such as a pilot, aircraft mechanic or flight attendant, the employment options are somewhat more straightforward than in other careers.

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Paralegal; Community service; Public relations; Copywriter; Public worker; therefore it's a must to take flight attendant training courses for everybody who wants to pursue this occupation. Delta Flight Attendant Training School A.A., Business, 1997

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Flight attendant Mortician Social Paralegal Travel agent High School Diploma On­the­J ob Training. Created Date: 11/4/2010 11:02:36 AM

Flight Attendant Food Service Manager Fundraiser Housekeeper Paralegal – conducting legal research and preparing motions for filing the level of school, training, or degree required,

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•Chiropractor Training or Flight attendant •Food service •Foreign service •Funeral director •Health services •Paralegal •Park Naturalist •Physical therapist •Physical therapist aide •Police officer •Psychologist

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Counselor Food Chemist Police Officer School Guidance Counselor Career Caterer Paralegal Dispatcher Dining Room Attendant Secretary Chef Military Hazardous Material Responder Housekeeping Firefighter Clerk F.B.I. Agent Security Guard Server Baker Flight Attendant

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I am also going to list Paralegal and Mental Health Tech as my choices, im not a flight attendant but i had a good friend when i was deployed who was and i almost retrained myself. Get the military to train you and school you and give you some valuable experience before you retire.