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Legal Assistant/Paralegal Courses; Other Featured Programs; For more information on graduation rates, median debt of students who completed this program, and other important information, please select a campus below that offers this program.

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Free Paralegal Courses. The drive to advance a career on a limited budget can be challenging while maintaining steady employment, but options exist to earn paralegal certification that will help you find a new job or get a promotion. Some employers are willing to cover part or all of tuition

Paralegal Certificate Program
Paralegal Certificate Program celebrates over 35 years of We work hard to ensure that our courses are delivering practical content and preparing you to start Program Cost The program costs approximately $5500-$6500,

Commonly Asked Questions About The Paralegal Certificate Program
Commonly Asked Questions About the Paralegal Certificate Program What does a paralegal do? complete list of paralegal courses in Texas see while other programs cost many thousands of dollars

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paralegal.aspx Courses Paralegal research—An overview of entry-level paralegal research and writing tools. low-cost entry-level paralegal tutoring across the country. Is the Paralegal career for you? Paralegal, legal assistant, lawyer’s assistant are all

Paralegal Studies Paralegal Studies – Certificate
paralegal education in a timely and cost-effective manner. In addition, this twenty-four credit certificate American Bar Association and includes courses in all areas of the legal profession, with specialized courses in research and writing, litigation, real estate, family law

Paralegal Studies Certificate Program
Even help defray the cost of law school by working part-time Courses are designed to provide students with paralegal skills that are most in demand by employers. Paralegal Studies Certificate Program and is qualified to assume

Online Paralegal Courses Can Lead To Better Paid Jobs
Most respected colleges and universities offer online paralegal courses. These courses can help eliminate the necessity to attend regular classes for those who work full time. When taking online paralegal classes you can set your own schedule.

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The Standing Committee on Paralegals provides this Directory of ABA Approved Paralegal Education Programs as a convenience to those looking for specialized education to enhance their career goals as a paralegal.