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The Average Salary of a Certified Paralegal Assistant. Paralegals are also called legal assistants. Air Force Reserve Paralegal Jobs. This course must completed within one year of your accession into the paralegal career field.

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Many paralegal careers are enhanced by earning a degree in a relevant field. it is advisable to complete a degree or certificate course in order to be competitive in the field. which has a list of over 200 approved paralegal studies programs. Paralegal Salary and Wages.

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What is Paralegal Studies? The research, filing, This course of study is not as rigorous as law school, but still covers much of the same ground. Salary Information for Careers in Paralegal Studies

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For salary and wage information, visit: Paralegal Studies Articulated A.S. to B.A./B.S. Career Path studies program as credit toward PLA course requirements in the Paralegal Studies A.S. degree. All legal specialty courses transferred

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Being a Paralegal in California: Who Qualifies, request from a paralegal who met the salary basis requirements under the acquired by a prolonged course of specialized intellectual instruction; or requiring invention,

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DETERMINE YOUR MARKET VALUE Education, geography, training and employers are all part of the paralegal salary picture. So how do you determine your market value?

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A paralegal, generally speaking, is a paraprofessional who has the required education and experience to assist licensed lawyers in their legal work.