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University Of Hartford
Sample Concentration: Leadership and Paralegal Studies ** Name: John Doe 999-99-9999 Matric. Date: Fall 2004 Street Address: 110 Main Street

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Supreme Court Of Florida – paralegals
Regulation (Committee), to study the status of paralegals in Florida. The Committee had twenty-four members, including four paralegals, three paralegal

Paralegal – Branford Hall Career Institute
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Connecticut – Paralegal Approved Program Directory – ABA
Paralegal Program Great Path, P. O. Box 1046 Mail Station 17 Manchester, CT 06854 Director: Thomas K. Jackson Telephone: 203.857.7152 along with exposure to the traditional liberal arts course of the University, that Legal

Paralegal Schools In Connecticut (CT) – The Path To Paralegal
Find Connecticut paralegal schools and training programs. Gain skills needed to join the paralegal field in Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven and other CT Cities.

Accepted at Paralegal Day this year. Please bring a snack, personal hygiene item, institutions from the following CT Counties: Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven, New London, Tol- Throughout the course of his career, he has also practiced at the firm of Jackson, Lewis,

CT Alliance of Paralegal Associations Information Technology Job Bank Legislative Mentor Program NFPA/National Affairs 2. has completed a formal course of paralegal study but who is not employed as a paralegal at the time of application for member-

Professional Paralegal Services Of CT Home Page
Professional Paralegal Services of CT, LLC is committed to providing experienced, cost-effective, and professional off-site paralegal assistance to attorneys in the Danbury area.
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Paralegal Studies | University Of Hartford
Paralegal Studies. University Studies offers a part-time Paralegal Studies Program that is approved by the American Bar Association. The Program, which began at Hartford College for Women in 1974, was the first legal education program for paralegals in Connecticut.

Paralegal Studies COURSE COURSE TITLE CREDITS Associate In …
Paralegal Studies Associate in Science . AC 101 . MassBay courses are offered days, evenings, COURSE COURSE TITLE CREDITS First Year Semester 1 . Financial Accounting I 4 CS 104 Microcomputer Applications/ Business 3 CT 100 Critical Thinking 3 EN 101

Commonly Asked Questions About The Paralegal Certificate Program
Commonly Asked Questions About the Paralegal Certificate Program What does a paralegal do? A paralegal, also called a legal assistant, is a person who assists an attorney in the practice of law. Who teaches the course?

Central CT Paralegal Association
Central Connecticut Paralegal Association, Inc. ("CCPA") was incorporated as a non-profit organization in November, 1982. Hartford, CT 06103. Attorney Thomas E. Gaffey, Chief Counsel, Office of Probate Administration,