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Answerit – Can paralegals Also Become Lawyers
Nope, there is a 2 year paralegal course via UJ, then do LLB. 54 mths ago . Today you can become anything you want to be a Dr,Lawyer,teacher,engineer you name it and you pay for it without lifting a finger or reading a book. 54 mths ago .

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COURSE WITH LIMITED CONTACT (DISTANCE) More and more institutions rely on paralegals to render support services in the fieldof law. The responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the paralegal has

Answerit – I Want To Do My Paralegal Diploma At Home But Cant …
I want to do my Paralegal Diploma at home but cant decide through wich Institution. Rather go for a public institution like UNISA or UJ where you are sure to get something recognised and of quality. 59 mths ago . Answer more Questions in University.

Diploma In Paralegal Studies – NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN LAW PARALEGAL STUDIES NDL001 COURSE WITH LIMITED CONTACT (DISTANCE). Short Course: Paralegal Studies (Formerly Regular Diploma ) – The Short Course: Paralegal Studies (Formerly Regular Diploma ).

Short Course in Entertainment Law 15. Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Law 16. National Diploma in Law (Paralegal Studies) GENERAL INFORMATION • The Diploma is presented over one year on a part-time basis. University of Johannesburg PO Box 524 Auckland Park Johannesburg, 2006

Unisa Online – Courses
SCL1501 (Skills course for Law Students) Paralegal practice is quite a new career in South Africa and is still in a developing stage. However, we are sure you will benefit from this module and learn the necessary skills to work effectively in a legal environment.

National Paralegal College
National Paralegal College Fax: 866-347-2744 e-mail: Contracts­PLG­ 102­ 10 04 Syllabus and Course Guide

Certificate In Paralegal Studies – Online Paralegal School …
In addition to the Associate's Degree Program and the Bachelor's Degree Program, National Paralegal College offers a course of study leading to a certificate in paralegal studies.

National Diploma In Law: Paralegal Studies Study Fees 2012
Centre for International and Comparative Labour and Social Security Law (CICLASS) @ UJ National Diploma in Law: Paralegal Studies Study Fees 2012