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(Florida Paralegal Association Supreme Court Order 06-1622)
The Bar undertook its study of the issue of paralegal certification or registration in 2005 when legislation to institute a regulatory scheme for paralegals South Florida Paralegal Association, Miami, Florida; Catherine M. Goe, CP,

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I have listed below an assortment of options for paralegal or e-discovery certification. I have marked my recommendations with a *. I would be happy to discuss the different options in more details if you aren’t sure of the differences

FLORIDA REGISTERED PARALEGAL Chapter 20, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar APPLICATION CHECKLIST 1. APPLICATION FEE _____ Enclosed An CERTIFICATION If you are using your NALA of NFPA certification as your qualifying criteria, enclose a

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certification, you must only complete the certification section. If your qualifying criteria is requirement may become a Florida Registered Paralegal by providing attestation from an employing or supervising attorney(s) that the person has paralegal work experience

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Information on how to get a paralegal certification and everything about the paralegal's job

The South Florida Paralegal Association (SFPA) objected to the Florida Bar’s proposal for regulating paralegals as the paralegal certification exam. The two-part certification process includes successful completion of NALA’s CLA exam as well as

Florida Registered Paralegal's registration, or deny a request for renewal of the registration. experience, or certification have obtained a higher standard. 10 WHEREFORE, The Florida Bar respectfully requests that this Court adopt

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If you are starting to look for Paralegal Certification in Florida NY then I think you will find the article below has some useful suggestions.

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The Certified Paralegal (CP): NALA reports that, as of January 2011, there are 16,382 Certified Paralegals in the United States – 4,168 of those in Florida.

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It is important to distinguish between a paralegal certificate and certification. The Some state bar associations, such as The Florida Bar Registered Paralegal