Online Paralegal Programs

If you are interested in becoming qualified but are stuck for time you could consider online paralegal programs. You do not need a four year degree to become a legal assistant. Most paralegals have completed a two year associate program and then passed either the NALA or NFPA certification exams. When you pick your course make sure it has been accredited by the ABA. This means that the materials and tuition should be of a high standard.

A lot of students either have to work part or full time due to financial constraints and so find studying online to be extremely beneficial. They simply wouldn’t find the time to attend local college classes. If you are a single parent you may have to juggle childcare and studying so being able to follow a course via your computer can make life less difficult.

You have to be motivated to study a demanding program like this one on your own. You have to find the time to complete the course work and it can be easy to get distracted when you are trying to work from home. At least if you have to attend classes you get to mix with other students who are following the same course material. Some people who study online miss this interaction and can fall behind. If you feel this is happening to you, you must contact the student liaison officer for help. Although it will be hard work it is definitely worth becoming a paralegal. There are plenty of job opportunities and the pay and benefits are usually very lucrative.

The starting paralegal salary is quite reasonable often in the region of $25,000. With a little relevant experience and some formal education this can quickly rise to over $30,000 and more. If you are willing to put the hours in and work hard, you can earn over $100,000 at the larger law firms. That is more than some fully qualified attorneys earn.

So once qualified what will a paralegal do? It depends on the country where the individual is based. For example in Canada, a paralegal is allowed to have more client interaction than that allowed in the USA. Generally speaking a legal assistant in the USA is employed by an attorney to assist him or her with legal research, drafting legal documents, reviewing evidence and interviewing clients. More senior paralegals will probably get involved in training the junior legal assistants particularly in the larger law firms.

Find out more about online paralegal programs. Completing your paralegal studies will give you more opportunity that someone who lacks formal education!