Is A Paralegal Career A Good Choice

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Paralegal: Career Choice, Not Stepping Stone By Christine M. Parizo good paralegal can start out in a firm that may not have a structured legal assistant program and move into tasks traditionally performed by associates.

Here are some of the qualities a good paralegal should have: 1. You must love research. If you get frustrated easily, being a paralegal might not be the career choice you should make. An adaptable person succeeds as a legal assistant. 5.

A degree program in paralegal studies prepares the student for a career as a paralegal, a legal administrator, This means that the student has the choice of whether to enter the They must also have good leadership and

The paralegal career is not limited to just one type of employer. who is in good standing with the Center for Advanced Legal Studies, It was the best choice for moving my career into it’s next phase.

Please refer to the section on New California Legislation on Paralegals cited to the right. Paralegal studies AcAdemIc cerTIFIcATe ProgrAm career paths from document and case clerks Paralegal Studies Advising and Career Information Session

A career in Paralegal Studies could be just right for you, meet FRCC graduates as they share their personal stories of how the Paralegal Studies program changed their lives.

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