How Much Money Do Legal Assistants Make A Year

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The two I most frequently encounter are “legal assistants can’t practice law” and “I make more money from my associates than I do from my let first- or second-year associates give much legal advice, or minted attorneys and legal assistants do on a day-in, day-out

The Department of Labor predicts strong growth for the paralegal occupation through the year 2010. (T) 5. earn more money than paralegals and legal assistants who work in smaller law firms. * The Department of Defense. B) The Federal Communications Commission. C)

Paralegals and legal assistants refer to pleadings as all court papers in the case. complexity each year. Today, expert opinions must not only be from a credible Expert witnesses are value and money maximizers. They will do as little as possible for as much as possible (in most

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Also have legal assistants who can put other assets in your trust for you at a lower hourly rate than if the These recently published guidelines will make it much easier to transfer your home into your living trust your beneficiary can do whatever he/she wants with this money,

Attorney, while most others delegate those tasks to paralegals, legal assistants and secretaries. My background, training and wisdom often end up saving my clients more money than I charge them. When you hire me to be your attorney, you get premium service at affordable rates.

legal assistants, the lawyer’s associates and/or legal secretaries. Remember, when you engage the services of a lawyer, you hire an If money is recovered, then the lawyer is paid an agreed upon percentage of the recovery. However, even if there

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I work with first-class legal assistants in an informal, comfortable, setting. Much of the cost of legal work is for legal research: focusing in work they may conceivably have to do. Your money sits in their trust account, not your bank account,

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