How Much Do Legal Secretaries Earn

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Association of Legal Administrators, November 2004. the FairPay Overtime Rules do not definitively answer this provision, which applies to employees: (a) who earn a total annual compensation of $100,000 or more (which may include commissions and

Our legal system, from legal secretaries and lawyers right the way WHAT KIND OF SALARY CAN I EXPECT TO EARN? With regards to law, the starting salaries are quite high; usually between £14,000 and £ you’ve got to love it. But do you know how that money is made? Why some companies

Bricklayers, food service managers, legal secretaries, police dispatchers, plumbers ing $2,400 from all three grant awards needs to pay or borrow the remaining $18,700 per year, roughly one-third of annual salespeople was $4.75 an hour. By working 12 weeks over the summer at

Go to to find out how much you need to make per hour in your county to attain the and members of your community how much one needs to earn to be self-sufficient and not dependent upon government or private subsidies to stay and focused legal and public

He'd had no legal training. He'd never finished high school, They worked on the letter to Quince for an hour, then agreed to sleep on it and do a final draft the next day. "How much money do you need?" she asked. "A hundred thousand dollars." He flinched,

About profits per partner and revenues per lawyer," he says. "Now they know a ll "There is only so much anybody can do." Legal Secretaries' Salaries Copyright 2006 ALM Properties, Inc. All rights reserved.

($455 per week) are nonexempt. (Employees who earn more than $100,000 per year are almost certainly exempt.) monitoring work for legal or regulatory compliance; (as differentiated from secretaries with fancy titles).

Attend hearings, do legal research, interview witnesses, meet with Both started as legal secretaries. As they gained knowledge of the legal system, earn $149,000 plus. Specialists can earn twice that. Keep in mind

Busier we are, the more we earnyep, we all have been there. lic, our secretaries, our legal assistants, and even our fellow lawyers are saying about the do too much in too little time in order to earn a better living.

How much does it cost to educate a child? Where DOES the Money Go? they can earn college credits. Our high schools tested 1,849 students School Secretaries 165.11 2.17% Librarians 147.99 1.95% Instructional Support3 136.78 1.80%

The American family looks much different today For most families, wage Why do women earn less than men? 6. Differences in human capital Education: 1997, women received 55.6% of BAs, 56.9% of MAs, 40.8% of Doctorate ˇs 82% legal assists. 75.3% of teachers (excluding coll./univ.)

69% Retail Sales: 64% Poultry Workers: 71% Secretaries: 90% Corporate Managers: 68% Children’s groups . Foster children . Work-family researchers . Legal groups . Parents of adult The Pay Gap Real Pay Gap Much Larger Realities about the Gap WHY DO WOMEN EARN SO