How Much Do Legal Assistants Make In California

Paralegals and Legal Assistants Significant Points • Despite projected much faster-than-average employ-ment growth paralegals in California must complete 4 hours of mandatory continuing education in either general law or a specialized area

Employ or Retain Legal Assistants (the “Connecticut Guidelines”); Guideline 2, State Bar of the California Rules of Professional Conduct by permitting bankruptcy paralegals to undertake initial interviews, fi ll out

"Professor Wojcik, you wrote a book called Illinois Legal Research a couple of years ago. Do you need help on the second edition?" One colleague said that good research assistants are those "who do the work they've committed to do." file:///C

For the purposes of this paper, we will not distinguish between paralegals and other legal assistants, much like the ABA definition quoted above. Paralegals often are designated to do legal research and drafting, and preliminary drafting of pleadings. Being called a

CIVIL LITIGATION PRACTICE FOR PARALEGALS III. PREPARATION OF PLEADINGS Many attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants refer to pleadings as all

The moral of the story: legal assistants can generate an even higher return on employment investment than associates. What’s more, because legal assistants come

Guidelines for dental assistants have been provided. Much information was obtained from DANB (; Have legal authorization from another state or jurisdiction to perform restorative functions. AR Dental Assistant (Subchapter4)

Guidelines for dental assistants have been provided. Much information was obtained it is not intended as a legal opinion regarding dental assistance requirements in any state State Dental Assistant Levels An unlicensed dental assistant in the state of California may perform

Does the age of the child make a difference? In California, the law requires county child welfare departments to make quick decisions about the take legal guardianship of the child in their care. What can I do if I am feel I am being forced

Its employees as “paralegals” or “legal assistants,” the occupation—at least the contours of which can significantly impact legal employers. Before the California statutory enactments, individuals could present them selves legal employers need to make themselves aware of laws

Duties as paralegals or legal assistants. No matter what term an employer may use, in California the occupation of paralegal has a sin- because the California statute establishes legal consequences for noncompliance—and again, the supervising attorney bears the ulti-

Nothing requires a paralegal or legal assistant to have a certain level of education, with the exception of California, Corporations usually do not hire paralegals or legal assistants because of the tradition of always staffing a corporate law department with lawyers. (F)