How Much Do Legal Assistants Make Hourly

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What do paralegals/legal assistants do? The concept of paralegals began to develop in the late 1960s when law firms and hourly rate. NOTE: We do not recommend that paralegals offer their services directly to the public.

Legal Assistants, D. Jeffrey Campbell which will, in the long run, reduce the real cost of legal services. Much of the work that is done by junior associates The only other two meaningful ways to do this are by increasing hourly rates and by increasing average client billable hours.

Is not much work that you can do in a file that does not fit into Hourly Rates, Fee Agreements, and Your Billing Program Assess (or reassess) Have your legal assistants bill for their time. Outside of basic typing,

The hourly rate for CCA employees shall be established In accordance with Table 2, consistent with their test results and legal requirements. Program on a pre-tax basis will be required to make an election to do so In accordance with applicable procedures.

And assistants – who may only be * Can you hire someone to do the work for you or engage helpers at your own expense? complex and should be drafted with legal advice, so deferred payments might be a more straightforward option (see below).

A Publication of the Standing Committee on Legal Assistants • American Bar Association • Fall 2002/Winter 2003 • Volume 5,Number 1/2 T he paralegal profession is

Legal Assistants can make an impact speaking up because they have much more exposure to these problems than most people. “Law is very dry and boring unless you bring the community into it,” says Jim.

Legal assistants who can meet these rising challenges pro-vide substantial value to their firms and their firms’ clients. search technology enables legal teams to do much more and get far better results with much less effort. This kind of search-

This article was originally published in the August 2000 issue of Facts & Findings (© 2000), The Journal for Legal Assistants, Vol. XXVII Issue 2.

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