How Much Do Legal Assistants Get Paid

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I get paid on a had secretaries, paralegals, legal assistants or inexperienced Social Security some paralegal or legal assistant. I have more than 12 years of winning benefits

Legal Assistants of Wyoming (LAW) is a nonprofit organization established in 1990 to promote continuing education, professionalism

Paralegals & Legal Assistants Legal Assistant; Legal Investigator 7,400 Associate degree 100 – 249 $52,000 What kind of job fits you – how much do people get paid for different jobs, and what do you need to do to get the best job for you?

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Administrative assistants do less dictation and word processing, they now have time to support more members of the executive staff. workers; paralegals and legal assistants; medical assistants; and medical records and health information technicians.

Employ or Retain Legal Assistants (the “Connecticut Guidelines”); Guideline 2, State Bar of Michigan Guidelines for Utilization of Legal Assistants; State Bar of Georgia, State Disciplinary Board Advisory Opinion No. 21 (September 16, 1977);

Paraprofessional in this field. The National Association of Legal Assistants adopted the following definition in 1984: Legal assistants, also known as paralegals, are a distinguishable group of

1 IOP Competency Standards for Legal Assistants October 2009 ABOUT THESE STANDARDS 1. Introduction This document contains the IOP Competency Standards (“Standards”) for Legal Assistants.

Physician assistants.2 No other study has enabled comparisons among the nearly all state Medicaid programs make payment only to employers for the services physician assistants provide. Licensure defines legal practice and

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