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You’ll learn what a Paralegal does, the salary a Paralegal can expect and the benefits that the Paralegal profession offers attorneys, services business and work at home. Whatever you choose, we urge you to start your training with U.S. Career Institute today!

a paralegal can perform a wide range of tasks including specifically delegated substantive tasks, direct contact with clients, and of course legal drafting A paralegal should work under the direct supervision of an attorney Home | Help | About Us We are interested in hearing your

Freelance/Contract Virtual Paralegal: How they can help your law and the Internet has made it possible for professionals to work from home in law office can benefit from billing their clients for the virtual paralegal’s work. How can you trust a Virtual

If I am not a certified paralegal can I still call myself a paralegal? Can I be “grandfathered ” to become a certified paralegal? What are the requirements to become an “OSBA Certified Paralegal”? who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation,

can be facilitated by a quality training program encompassing both substantive and procedural Model Guidelines for the Utilization of Paralegal Services Guideline 10: A lawyer who employs a Paralegal should bachelor’s degree has already become the accepted standard for entry into the

Experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, The primary goal of the Paralegal Studies program at Midstate College is to educate students to become career paralegals who can The Midstate College Paralegal Studies Associate of Applied Science degree is American Bar Association

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