Does A Legal Assistant Need To Be Certified

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DO PARALEGALS NEED TO BE CERTIFIED? The Paralegal/Legal Assistant Committee of the Ohio State Bar Association has been looking into the benefits to be gained by employers and paralegals, if such a voluntary certification program were put

Certified Legal Assistant – [Area of Law], Texas Board of Legal Specialization . PARALEGAL REGULATION BY STATE UPDATED FEBRUARY 2009 REGION STATE DEFINITION TYPE OF REGULATION DESCRIPTION © 2009 National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.,

Why would I need to pursue certification in my profession? Many par alegals have alr eady t aken an ex am to obtain the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA), Certified Paralegal (CP), or Certified Legal Assistant Specialist (CLAS) designations

Also called a legal assistant, is a person who assists an attorney in the practice of Why do I need to have a paralegal certificate then? leading to the designation of Certified Legal Assistant (CLA). The National Federal of Paralegal Associations

What Do I Need to Know? A Medical Power of Attorney is a legal instrument that allows you to select the person that you nurse, physician’s assistant, paramedic, or psychologist who is treating you cannot serve as your Medical Power of Attorney

The Radiologist Assistant: What Radiologists Need to Know Now Paul H. Ellenbogen, MDa, Thomas R. Hoffman, JD b, Bradley W. Short, MA , What legal jeopardy could radiologists encounter in hiringandemployingRAs?Itisuncertainwhetheritis

AS A JUDICIAL ASSISTANT with the Los Angeles Superior Court, We provide one-on-one legal assistance to our clients to enable them to obtain temporary, What Lawyers Need to Know about Civil Court Staff Author: J. L. Snyder Subject: Practice Tips

“legal assistant” are sometimes coupled with a descriptor of the paralegal’s status, e.g., “senior paralegal” or “paralegal coordinator,” or of the area of practice in which the paralegal works, e.g., “litigation paralegal” or “probate paralegal.”

LEGAL WORDS YOU MAY NEED TO KNOW ACTION: a lawsuit or proceeding in a court of law. or assistant can be called a clerk. COMPLAINT: a legal paper that starts a case. Words You May Need to Know Author:

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