Do Legal Secretaries Make Good Money

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Additional Responsibilities for Secretaries in Specific Departments Planning Logging of planning contracts Update and keep track of legal documents such as wills and deeds as per the required procedure A good understanding of the context in which the work is being done.

The money and people and being accountable for the organisation’s do (legal duties) looking after the organisation’s assets enable it to make good decisions and to run the organisation effectively. This

Seven Ways Law Firms Lose Money By Dustin Cole, President, that “this is as good as I can do.” And the terrible paralegals and legal secretaries, with supervisory hours permitted for the attorney. 3.

Government secretaries Legal Secretary Wilson (2008) Good observer, Intuitiveness, Flexi-bility, Tact, Friendliness, Accuracy, Thorough- money. Human labour is also reduced greatly. The automation, notwithstanding, secretaries

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legal secretaries, paralegal and other office personnel who work together to provide you with the are worth the relatively low price you pay for legal advice. Occasionally do-it-yourself "kits" are offered for sale to obtain a divorce, make a will, declare bankruptcy,

Level 2 Certificate/Diploma for Legal Secretaries – Working in the legal environment 7462-222 7465-222/Sample Page 5 01/09/2009 a candidate be unsuccessful in more than one task, or a referred assignment, then a

Government secretaries Legal Secretary Wilson (2008) identified the following peculiar characteristics of a legal secretary: · Must be an expert at time management, juggling many activities and roles at the same time. · Must possess psychological skills, dealing

Bay Area Legal Trainers Organization Training Results You Can Measure Why Are You Doing This To Us? Someone will try to get them Give secretaries as much information as you can so rumors don’t get started.

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