Do Legal Secretaries Get Drug Tested

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688 F. Supp. 547 (N.D. Cal. 1988) (drug testing program of all employees, including administrators, secretaries and other office workers held suspending employees who tested positive for drugs without a basis of current legal prescription drug use only if the decision is

Does it cover legal drugs, illegal drugs and alcohol? Do I Get My Own Cup ?? or disrupt the test process can be detected by the lab and may be reported as an adulterated specimen that cannot be tested. More people "pass" drug tests because of dumb luck than by reliable adulterants.

IT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO ACHIEVE A DRUG-FREE STATE WORK PLACE. Legal Secretary, Department of Justice CE20-1282 Continuous Testing . be required to provide proof of proficiency and/or be tested for both prior to appointment.

In May, 1988, the claimant was given a random drug screen and tested positive for has reached a similar result. Comparable questions have been raised about the propriety of drug testing for secretaries This amendment creates a legal and enforceable right of

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Some legal secretaries do legal research and assist in the preparation of various legal documents. They may get two to four weeks of paid vacation, sick leave, medical and life insurance, educational benefits (tuition reimbursement),

What salary are you paid on your current job (or last job if applicable)? What are your salary expectations for this job? Title: SECRETARY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Created Date: 2/15/2008 3:04:00 AM Other titles:

In recent years, courts have issued many decisions clarifying an employer’s legal duties in these areas. Consequently, once it decides to do so, the law will treat the paid vacation time as if it were wages, using the same principles discussed above

As nonprofits establish or expand short-term programs, tax and legal questions are surfacing and former assumptions are being questioned. Questions arise related to The Not Paid or Underpaid Worker 1. Do you have to pay interns or other short-term workers?

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A very good summary of the legal issues here . Thischemical action” as a drug. The judge also asked the obvious question: “How do you get from chemicals=drugs

To protect their children via increased use of home test kits to detect drug use, or active immunization of high-risk children with vaccine analogues

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