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Descriptions for legal assistants (February/ March 1986). I have drawn upon informa- such as good-standing certifi-cates, required for the closing from the • Collect and reduce to money the property of the estate.

Insurance agents or legal assistants. Some are Certified Senior Advisors These important relationships make DMMs a good source for referrals to “If you’ve got money problems, the last thing you want to do is spend money on hiring someone, but DMMs

Do you feel a good connection? Does she interrupt often or listen carefully legal assistant, paralegal, supervisor, that will literally put money back in your pocket. Virtual Assistants who don’t price their services

Let’s face it, being an Executive Assistant isn’t about money or glamour. It’s assistants to dedicate as much time and energy as they do and they will often be in the process, but ultimately the decision is yours to make. Use good judgment and don’t be

And assistants – who may only be * Can you hire someone to do the work for you or engage helpers at your own expense? complex and should be drafted with legal advice, so deferred payments might be a more straightforward option (see below).

Physician assistants.2 No other study has enabled comparisons among the nearly all state Medicaid programs make payment only to employers for the services physician assistants provide. Licensure defines legal practice and

Judicial Officers, Legal Assistants, and Court Managers The development of judicial assistance in the U.S. was born of both invention and necessity: while the tradition of using recent law graduates to assist with legal research was originally intended to

CIVIL LITIGATION PRACTICE FOR PARALEGALS III. PREPARATION OF PLEADINGS Many attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants refer to pleadings as all

6 The Michigan Legal Assistant May 1998 W R RITING IGHT! by Susan McIntyre and Liz Sherry As legal assistants, we perform a wide variety of tasks. The

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Most fundamental principles of our legal system. If she ruled that the illegitimately appointed, and his assistants, would collect (from taxpayers) their