Are Legal Assistants Subject To Discipline By The State Bar

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THE STATE BAR COMMITTEE ON PROFESSIONAL Fee for Legal Services Financial Arrangements Among Lawyers First, is the practical problem ofsubjecting to discipline before the California State Bar lawyers who are admitted only elsewhere.

In a State Bar Disciplinary Action Dallas office had a staff of several legal assistants and an office manager. Respondent 5.03(b)(1)[a lawyer shall be subject to discipline for the conduct of such a person that

SUBJECT: EMT-1 Discipline Policy 3820 Date: May 26, 2011 Policies & Procedures/Policy 3820 3820-3 N. Valid, Validate or Validated – for the purpose of this policy means to

UTMB HANDBOOK OF OPERATING PROCEDURES Section 3 Human Resources Policies Subject 3.1 Discipline and Discharge Policy 3.1.9 Discipline, Dismissal and Appeal for Classified

The subject of discipline. An investigation was begun which was not terminated until January 28, 1977, by which time a second act of possible discipline had been added to the investigation. In the intervening six months, grievant continued on the job.

Palomar College Library Resource Liaisons 10/3/2013;10/22/2013 rev. DIVISION LIBRARIAN DEPARTMENT SUBJECT/DISCIPLINE Arts, Media, Business, & Comp. Sci. Byung Kang

1.2.3 Drugs Any student who is found responsible for the illegal use, possession and/or sale of a drug or narcotic is subject to discipline.

Ety of tasks being performed by legal assistants, enabling assistant to hold himself out as lawyer and dispense legal advice); State ex rel. Okla. Bar Ass’n v. 5.3 Responsibilities regarding Nonlawyer Assistants Subject:

Within the Bar, both attorneys and legal assistants will have some control over both The attorney would be subject to discipline. This avoids establish- Committee of the Utah State Bar, Utah Legal Services, and the Legal Aid Society

(SUCH AS LEGAL ASSISTANTS), AND Subject to discipline asks whether the conduct described in the question would subject the When a question refers to discipline by the “bar,” “state bar,” or “appropriate disciplinary

INDIANA RULES FOR ADMISSION TO THE BAR AND THE DISCIPLINE OF ATTORNEYS *** Rule 2.2 Paralegals Section 1. (CLA/CP certification as offered by the National Association of Legal Assistants) (“NALA”) “Attorney Surrogate” means a member of the bar of this State, in good standing,

Below are highlights from the April 18, 2002, State Bar Board of Governors meeting. Paralegals and Legal Assistants—Chair Ernest Calderón presented the preliminary report; subject to the removal of two names as